United Property Partners is a vertically integrated firm offering tiered professional services as part of the development package.

UPP has completed nearly 1,000 projects with over 400 retained clients. We have worked on over three million square feet of developments and over 200 residential developments, with $600MM end value projects delivered.

We're vertically integrated - that means we don't go to outside companies for acquisition, due-diligence, architecture, code consulting, engineering or construction. This results in more efficient project controls, lower costs and tighter timelines.

In UPP's model, change orders are bad for everyone. This is a major reason that development costs spiral. Development consultancy firms embrace change orders as additional revenue. With UPP all facets of the development process have a common goal of accomplishing the project with the highest level of quality on time and under budget.

With all of our trades in-house, we leave nothing to chance.

We participate in all our developments and rebate our design and construction margin. We also benchmark our costs so investors can see the commercial advantage of our development model.

We want a better than fair return for our investors. We only undertake projects that can illustrate a minimum 20% blended return per annum.

Preferred interest is guaranteed to all equity investors.

With our deep knowledge of the New York multi-family and mixed use markets, Miami residential developments, and international infrastructure and consulting experience, we see things other firms don’t. UPP targets developments where we can redesign the space and build upwards. We have extensive experience in stretching the potential in every development.

We’re better networked than most. That helps us secure properties before they come to market - at more competitive prices.

We precisely target developments in neighborhoods with frustrated demand. We also have a sweet spot for project sizes and turn around projects typically in 18-30 months.

Whether you’re interested in participating in an investment, have a property you would like us to consider for development, or are interested in purchasing a developed property, let us know.



NYC Office
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 503
New York, New York 10038

212.888.8334 ext. 101